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Penhill Benefice - Welcome

Penhill Benefice

Living and Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ in the Community

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Welcome to Penhill Benefice

The natural environment of Wensleydale in North Yorkshire is a constant reminder of God’s wonderful creation and it is a privilege to live here.

We belong to, and are centred within, a loving and caring population and our places of worship have been part of its cultural and spiritual heritage in Wensleydale for hundreds of years. For many, even if they don’t attend services regularly, our churches are an important community resource not only for those important life events such as baptisms, weddings and funerals, but also for celebrating Christian festivals like Christmas and Easter.

The church architecture encompasses not only the medieval period as can be enjoyed at Holy Trinity in Wensley but also the traditional barns which are such a distinctive part of the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, for one was converted to become the Mission Room at Thornton Rust.

We are a family of Christians striving to share the love of Christ with one another and all those who live in our communities or who are visiting this wonderful part of England. We extend an invitation to you to join us in worship at one of our churches.