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Penhill Benefice - Churches

Penhill Benefice

Living and Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ in the Community

medieval artOur Churches

The places of worship in Penhill Benefice range from the 13th century church at Wensley described as one of the most beautiful and interesting in Yorkshire, to the small traditional barn which serves Thornton Rust as a Mission Room. (left: medieval art at Wensley church)

The Anglo-Saxon cross at West Witton church is indicative of the long history of Christianity in Wensleydale. That church was rebuilt in in 1875 but, in additiona to that at Wensley, there are others which still retain their medieval orgins – at Castle Bolton and Redmire. Interior decoration ranges from the 20th century mural at Preston under Scar to the superb work of the medieval craftsmen who created the Jervaulx Screen at Aysgarth church.

Do come and enjoy them and the beautiful countryside in which they are situated.

Our church buildings are usually open on the following days - but will be closed for two days before a service

Preston under Scar and Wensley -  Daily
Aysgarth -  daily 
Castle Bolton -  daily
Redmire - Daily
West Witton - daily 

sanitiser is available at the entrances, plus forms for test and trace.. 

Services in June 2021

Sunday June 20th
9.30am Holy Communion, St. Mary’s, Redmire
9.30am Telephone Service
10.30am Zoom Service
11am Holy Communion, St. Andrew’s, Aysgarth (with baptisms)

Sunday June 27th
9.30am Holy Communion, St. Margaret’s, Preston under Scar
9.30am Telephone Service
10.30am Zoom Service
11am Holy Communion, St. Bartholomew’s, West Witton

June Mid-Week Service
Thursday 24th at 9.30am Holy Communion, St. Bartholomew’s, West Witton

Services in July

From July we will be stopping the regular Zoom services and returning to our churches on a regular basis.
Phone based services will continue.

Sunday July 4th
9.30am   Telephone service
9.30am   Holy Communion, Preston under Scar
9.30am   Morning Prayer, Redmire
11am       Morning Prayer, Aysgarth
11am       Holy Communion, West Witton

Sunday July 11th

There will be a benefice Penhill Together service at West Witton church at  10.30am

Sunday July 18th

9.30am     Telephone service
9,30am     Holy Communion Redmire
9.30am     Morning Prayer, Preston under Scar
11am        Holy Communion, Aysgarth
11am        Morning Prayer, West Witton

Sunday July 25th

11am      Holy Communion, Aysgarth
11am      Holy Communion, West Witton
6pm        Evening Prayer, Thornton Rust Mission Room

July Mid-Week Services
Thursday 8th & 22nd at 9.30am Holy Communion, St. Bartholomew’s, West Witton

 Prayer Topics For Each Day Of The Week

 Sunday: Penhill Benefice. And for the COVID-19 outbreak world-wide to end, and a safe release from lockdown at home.

Monday: Aysgarth and Carperby. And for our Queen in her grief. For wisdom and integrity in her government.

Tuesday: Wensley and Preston. And for our farmers, and all working in the Dale.

Wednesday: Redmire and Castle Bolton. And for visitors to the Dale, and those on holiday. For the work of the Jonas Trust.

Thursday: West Witton and Swinithwaite. And for partners in Mission.

Friday: West Burton, Newbiggin and Thoralby. And for children in the Dale, families, and our schools.

Saturday: Thornton Rust. And  for those persecuted for their faith: and for peace and accord in the world